KAROLD™ Dog Car Seat Cover View Mesh Waterproof

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Protect your pets&car seat with 100% waterproof premium seat cover!
👍No more mud, dirt, urine, & dog hair everywhere
👍No more scratches
👍No more dog smell
✔️ Keep your dog safe while driving
✔️ Keep your car clean
✔️ Universal size fits your car

UNIQUE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ANTI-SLIP PARTICLES – Different from other dog seat covers for back seat, Prodigen dog car seat covers use unique plastic spraying anti-slip particles rather than normal plastic skid net. It’s safe even your dog ingests it by accident. More over the anti-slip particles won’t melt like plastic skid net in hot weather.

DURABLE& 100% WATERPROOF MATERIALS – It is made by 600D oxford with TPU coating, and use hot pressing tech,not need needle stitching, all make sure 100% waterproof. No worry about the urine stain, mud, hair etc. Moreover, the headrest cover and side flaps can protect your car from scratch. After outdoor camping, the dog backs to the back seat with dew and dust, you don’t have to clean the car. Just wash the pet seat cover by machine, so easy!

COMPATIBILITY & EASY TO INSTALL, CLEAN – Just need several minutes to install. Excellent size of 143cm Wide x 152 Length (larger than other brands) will perfectly protect your car from scratches or mud. Adjustable straps with plastic buckle provide max adjustability for most size of car. Plastic anchors help you fix the dog seat cover to the car firmly.

100% LIFETIME WARRATY &CUSTOMER SERVICE – If you have any issue about the dog car seat covers, feel free to contact us. Our customer service will always here for help.

Additional information

Weight0.950 kg
Dimensions35 × 30 × 10 cm

Black, Grey

10 reviews for KAROLD™ Dog Car Seat Cover View Mesh Waterproof

  1. Lior Israel

    Certainly the best back seat cover I’ve purchased! This product is a great bang for your buck and I recommend it to anyone with dogs. My dog loves to ride in the car with the comfort of the cover.

  2. rebler

    After reading many reviews on similar products I took a chance on this one … and I am pleased with my initial assessment of the quality. It did the job on containing my 60 pound old baby on a long trip and the access of in and out on her needs to stop and go basis was done with ease. I have only used it a short time so the durability is unknown otherwise if it holds up, I would give it 5 stars.

  3. Bunny

    Prior to purchasing this, we had another car seat cover for our dogs. It was just okay. But this car seat cover is WAY nicer. First off, the cover is really thick and sturdy. Perfect when you have two large labs! And second, it takes just a couple minutes to set up. Super easy. Highly recommend this seat cover!Couple of recommendations: we’d love to see this in a beige color (if possible). With two yellow dogs, it will surely show all that dog hair on the black material. Also a beige color would be nice as it would keep the car cooler during the summer months.We have a Prius V and there is no place to attach the side panels. Would be nice if there was another option.

  4. Trial & Error

    First long car trip with our dogs. The way to our destination went great. Then they both got stressed. Both dogs were puking and had diarrhea. I’m so glad I bought this seat protector!!! The only thing that could improve on this product is if there was a way to make it higher in the front and back. I have medium size dogs that could still jump into the front seat over the screen. They didn’t seem interested in jumping into the cargo area it was pretty full. But they both had just enough length on the seat belt straps to jump up and dangle from the harness. I tried tightening the straps but had to give up. We stopped and cleaned the dogs at a rest area. One was held the rest of the trip while the other stayed in a kennel. But the mess did not get all over my upholstery. It was easy to hose off and run through the washing machine. Very glad I brought a kennel also.

  5. Terry Adams

    My dog goes with me every where and this made the wear and tear less an issue and the removal of pet hair much easier. Very easy ti install. I got both the front seat for the passenger seat and the back seat. Both are very easy to install and do the job. My Scout sheds quit a bit and these have made week-end clean-up a lot easier. We go to the lake and they hold the water just fine. I’m am very serious. If you are a real dog lover and take your pal with you, this product is worth every penny.

  6. Yarim B.

    We provide an in home dog sitting service, and as part of our service, we also provide pick-up and drop-off services. This dog seat cover is ideal for us as it prevents our mini van from getting fur all over, and it prevents scratches on the leather upholstery. Also, as the seller states, the upside down V-shaped mesh screen window allows us to view our 4-legged passengers to make sure that they are ok anywhere they lay down and the and the dogs seem more relaxed as they can lay down with the seat belt leash attached and see us as well. The other added bonus that I’m happy about is the bonus headrest covers. The larger dogs like to prop up and look out, and they sometimes drool and/or claw at them. They protect the headrests well, ensuring nothing happens to them. Also, if a dog has an accident in the car, it is very easy to clean up and rinse/wash/wipe away. If you have a dog, you should invest in this. You can’t go wrong for the price. I’ve tried other, more expensive seat covers, but they are no where near as good as this one. Highly recommend!

  7. Cre8

    I previously owned another hammock style backseat cover but it did not have any sides. like this one does. I noticed that over time with the other one, the sides of my door panels got really dirty with my dogs leaning against the doors. What a difference the zip up sides make! My seats are well protected because the material is so durable. I also love the mesh vent in the middle that zips up and down if needed. The Mesh is made of a much thicker material than I expected, so I am really pleased about that as well.I would absolutely NOT use the seat belt hook/strap that it comes with. The hook/strap would be pretty much worthless in a car accident as the hook and strap just doesn’t seem strong enough (for my large dogs anyway.) Just a side note: If you do use any dog seat belt strap, always hook it up to your dog wearing a safe dog harness and never attach it to their collar around their neck. I think Meadowlark mentions this as well in their written directions.***For A Safe Seatbelt Harness for dogs, The Sleepy Pod Seatbelt harness is one of the best and safest on the market. ***The car headrest covers that it comes with with are really oversized and could be a bit smaller in my opinion for a better fit , but those aren’t so important to me and not why I bought the car seat cover in the first place. But they do do the job.Overall, I love this car seat cover and my two German Shepherd Dogs approve it too! I will always buy one with sides from now on.

  8. Michele D. Oliver

    This product is well made and the seller is very accommodating!! They ship fast and for me it was perfect timing. I had just purchased a new vehicle with light interior and ordered this product immediately; it arrived two days later and two days after that I had to take my 13 year old beagle to the doctors and was very happy to have this product. It is very easy to install as well. Thank you to Meadowlark for providing such a sturdy product to protect our vehicles!!

  9. R. Putnam

    I have two medium-to-large sized dogs who used to ride in the cargo area of my car, but when I switched vehicles I could no longer do that and need them to sit in the backseat, which means the backseat needed some kind of protection and I needed them to be somewhat confined and limit damage to the seat leather and the inside of the car doors. We have a similar product for my husband’s truck, but this one is made better. I like the mesh opening at the front that allows for better ventilation; the fabric is not so slick that the dogs can’t maintain their footing in it; the rings and clips by which the cover is held up on the sides are metal, not plastic, so won’t break as easily as our other similar product. There is one downside to the metal, however; when disconnecting and unzipping the side flap so the dogs can get in and out, I have to be careful with the flap, or the metal rings will hit against the car paint. That’s no bueno, but as long as one is mindful, it’s not a problem. In an larger vehicle than mine (I have a Mazda 3), that’s likely not even an issue, as the seat might be tall enough that the flap stays inside the car rather than coming a big outside the door when unzipped. Overall, very pleased with this product.

  10. Diana Maus

    We bought this to bring our 8 week old golden retriever pup home from three days away. It was a lifesaver, both for the rental car and the cozy security it gave our pup in the back seat. It acts as a sling, and she is able to sleep at the front right in front of the rear AC console vent, like last weekend (on another trip). She’s 4 months old now.It’s quite sturdy, nice fabric, well sewn, and I love the side flaps too! Easy in and out and, if unzipped, she’s still cozy on her side while the other side is folded down for passenger seating.We used the enclosed seat belt strap on a pet harness, that could have been literally a lifesaver. I am more than pleased with this seat cover and it’s a cute surprise that our dogs name is Meadow too.

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