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Weight0.550 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

Black, Green, Red, Blue, Gold


30x34x16 cm, 36x45x21 cm, 42x55x25


  1. steven strome

    first let me say my 15 LB mini schnauzer loves it. and i like it fine too. Now for the buyer beware. upon receiving this product reinforce all stitching for all the straps shoulder and waist as they will fail upon your first use. fortunately i was just walking when mine failed and was able to catch my dog before she fell, had i been riding my bicycle or the 4 wheeler things could have been much worst. with that said i still love this back pack and so does my dog. TOO THE MAKER OF THIS PACK YOU HAD BEST MAKE SOME IMPROVEMENTS TO THE STITCHING AND MATERIAL ON ALL STRAPS HAD MY DOG BEEN INJURED THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN HELL TO PAY!!!

  2. Taylor

    A hilarious and amazing way to carry your dog! My 12lb miniature schnauzer fits perfectly in it, and the exterior pouches make it great for a back up on a new hike (sometimes she has to be carried over rocks or bridges). She actually loves riding in it since it’s so cozy. Only down side is that the bottom piece inside is hard, so I put a towel in there to cushion it. And the straps are terrible. So I’m going to McGuiver some better ones.

  3. Diane

    We originally bought this item for me to wear while we are riding our UTV but it was kind of uncomfortable in the front. My husband came up with this idea and it’s been great! Sturdy, comfortable for Harley with no worry.

  4. BelaLola

    This is well made and the dogs seem to like it. I think the medium might have worked fine too.

  5. Red Owl

    We use this for a 12-14lb toy australian shepherd. Made sure that she was the right length, per instructions provided by manufacturer, and she fits okay. The biggest issue is wearability and comfort. The bag makes a very small dog feel like you’re carrying 3-4x their weight, easily. I hike a lot and am used to carrying 25-35lb packs for hours, but I can’t stand 10 minutes in this thing with a tiny fluff-ball inside it. I am in the process of turning a true hiking pack into a dog carrier, as they are built for comfort on the trails. Do not buy this pack, I would have returned it but I waited a couple months before deciding to use it.

  6. Wally

    Just took the cat on a hike with my White Shepard. The two of them are tight and don’t like being separated. It worked! After the hike I tried to let the cat out of the back pack but he fought me to stay in the pack curled up in the back of my jeep. He stayed in the pack for the entire three and a half hour ride home. I had a hell of a time getting him in the pack to start and during the first 20 minutes of the hike he cried like he was in pain. Then he moved around for about five minutes got settled and just took in the woods and the dog. No more crying. The hike was about two hours.

  7. JewlzTheStarseed

    My 10 Pound Mini Dachshund fits perfectly in the Size bag and seems to be very comfortable riding in it. She is service dog so she spends 2 or 3 hours at a time riding in it when I’m out and about running errands with no issue. The ventilation the mesh material offers is cool enough Texas Summer but appears to be pretty Sturdy. I like the adjustable neck hole and straps which allow you to wear it as either a backpack or a front pack. The removable waterproof base wasn’t firm and supportive enough so I cut a piece of a cardboard box in it’s and placed it between the base and the bag for more support. There are two very small mesh pockets on either side of the bag that I store a leash and some treats in and another zippered pocket in the front in which I store my keys and wallet. The bag did have a strong chemical smell upon arrival but it aired out after a few days. I get plenty of compliments on this bag. I payed full price for this Item and did not receive a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. If you’ve found this reveiw helpful, please check the bix below.

  8. j

    I ordered this backpack predominantly for bike riding on an upcoming trip with our 9 pound chihuahua, and it seems it will do the trick. He is 14″ from nape to tail (collar to base of tail) and *barely* fits in a large as you can see in the picture. I considered ordering an XL but I think he will make it in the large. He can sit comfortably but I doubt he could curl up and take a nap. The straps are not extremely comfortable but workable because the price can’t be beat. Side note: I remembered someone commented that a woman with a larger chest may experience discomfort with the straps crisscrossing the chest… after wearing it for a little while I can definitely imagine this would be the case. I do appreciate the adjustable neck hole; my skittish chi would definitely be tempted to climb out if the hole was larger. Also, be prepared to have a sweaty back in warm weather…. there is not a lot of airflow going on back there and even my puppy was panting during our first test run (to be fair it IS 85 degrees in VA at the moment). 🙂

  9. tennismom

    This is the best dog carrier I have ever owned. Love it so much, I’m going to order another in pink. My dog is 8.5 lbs, she fits in large carrier with a lot of wiggle room. I like it slightly bigger so that I can put a cuddle blanket under her. She loves it so much better than her other carrier in which her little legs dangle out the front. She just seems more relaxed and secure.I also have to say that it is much more comfortable for me as well. I have upper back problems, it hurts to care my bucket purse for too long, my neck just starts aching, just to put it into perspective, but when I carry my little fur baby around, this pack just seems to distribute the weight perfectly. I can carry her for long hikes with no complaints. I love it.

  10. Carmen Vargas

    took my pups hiking in Colorado, bought two bags, a Large and Extra Large. I have two mini dachshunds, one is 9 pounds and the other 13 pounds. These bags were perfect for a long hike, our pups were comfortable and got a chance to rest. Would definitely recommend, material is durable and the straps are comfortable.

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