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Made of long plush, super soft and super warm.
Comfortable touch, around 4 cm long plush hair, pets love to sleep on it.
Easy to clean and wash.

Size : Outside diameter

XXL:diameter 100cm

XL:diameter 80cm fit for pet less than 25KG

L:dameter 70cm fit for pet less than 18KG

M:diameter 60cm fit for pet less than 9KG

S:diameter 50cm fit for pet less than 5KG

XS:diameter 40cm fit for pet less than 2.5KG

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Additional information

Weight1.000 kg
Dimensions30 × 10 × 15 cm

White, Rainbow, Purple, Dark coffee, Red, Gray, Blue, Rose, Pink, Light coffee, Light grey, Beige yellow, Beige, Green


70cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 90cm

20 reviews for Super Soft Dog Bed House Dog Bed Plush

  1. Martha Mendoza

    We had just got back from the dog park when the package was waiting at the door. As soon as I opened it up, she thought it was a giant toy, but then immediately came in and slumped, falling asleep before we had time to give her dinner. She hasnt tried to eat it yet, so thats nice. We ordered a medium for her, a jackrussel/pit thick little lady. Its big enough for me to awkwardly lie inside with her and watch her sleep, so yeahml. Pretty perfect. I’m sure she would leave this review if she could.

  2. Jeri Cash

    Dropped a star because there is a “blank space” in the bottom that isn’t covered by cushions.Bought this for my 11yo Schnauzer who is arthritic & clumsy now. He has slept in my bed from the day he came home until just a few weeks ago. He fell off my bed in his sleep & injured his back. I had to put a stop to him being in my bed & knew coaxing him into a dog bed would require an abundance of comfort. He loves “fuzzy blankets”, so I came to Amazon & started looking.This “doughnut” has been exactly right. I now bring it room to room so he can rest in it wherever he follows me. He has Cushings Disease & gets hot, so I added a flat bed sheet & he manipulates it when he’s hot, covering up the fur of the bed, it’s so funny! But on chilly nights, he kicks the sheet off & smushes down in the fuzziness of the bed. I’m so glad I bought it, I can sleep soundly again at night, not worrying he will roll off my bed again.I bought a large size for a 18 pound mini schnauzer.On the rare occasion that the old guy I bought it for will allow his brother in, it fits 2 mini schnauzers.

  3. ashlea

    My pup found a big seam and immediately chewed a hole in this bed. It didn’t last an hour. I contacted the company and was told there was nothing to be done. I recommend a sturdier bed, which is unfortunate because I loved how cozy this bed appeared – for the first 45 minutes!

  4. Louise Martin

    My dog isn’t impressed. It’s fluffy like it looks but there is no padding on the bottom on ones I received. I have to put something under it so the dog isn’t on the hard floor.

  5. Amazon Customer

    My puppy loves this donut bed. From the first night home with us when he was only 8 weeks old he snuggled into this fluffy bed and went right to sleep. This bed is so soft and fluffy I can see why he loves it.

  6. Sentiments Inc

    Product looks great and very soft. It fit our decor perfectly and the dogs love them! However, After one wash the “fur” becomes matted and ugly. After 2-3 washed it becomes garbage. I love the product but technically a waste money.

  7. katydid26

    Our 11-pound Chihuahua, Lucy, absolutely loves this bed! It took her a few minutes to get used to this new thing in her life, after we first introduced her to it, and now she practically lives in it! We bought the small size. It’s incredibly soft and well padded on the sides and the bottom. The interior edges are deep enough that she can “burrow” into them. She’ll often put her leg(s) or head into that area. It’s as comfortable when placed on our hardwood floors as when it’s on the sofa. I’ve posted pictures of Lucy enjoying her bed on Facebook and Instagram, and already a few friends are going to order one for their own dogs. If they came in human size, I’d be tempted to order one for myself! 😁

  8. Amazon Customer

    I am not one to write reviews, but this bed has changed my life. We have three dogs, two of whom happily sleep in their own beds all night. The third dog? We’ve battled him for years now throughout the night, kicking him out of our bed, just to find he’d returned each time. I tossed & turned, trying to move his dead weight that was holding down the blanket & keeping me from moving freely in my sleep (& I move around a lot during the night). We have a Deep Dish bed (also money well spent!) for our 18 lb dog that this 40 lb dog kept trying to fit into. So I bought the closest thing I could find for his size (he was not deterred by the fact that he literally didn’t fit in the smaller bed & would lay across it or half in, half out). Let’s just say it was love at first sight when this new bed arrived; I swear it was one of the top three happiest days of his life. He wiggled in it & smushed his face in it & refused to move for a bit. We’ve swapped out his bedroom bed (a normal flat rectangular style) to the living room & I have now spent every night dog-free. I wake up every morning & he is very contentedly curled up in his own bed, not pinning my legs down. He’s a super cuddly dog, so I guess he’s just wanted a nest-style bed or something that would “hug” him. As for the quality, I can’t attest to that yet, but otherwise I am super pleased with this bed!!

  9. Violette

    I really liked this bed when I received it. My furry friend took a bit to warm up to it but ended up liking it. However, I just washed it (as per the instructions) and it fell apart. Specifically, a hole opened up and the inside of my washer was full of tiny polyester filling bits. I’m disappointed that it did not hold up to one wash. I expected more for the price.The actual center of the bed could use additional filling, particularly right in the middle – it was rather flat in this area, unlike the sides which were super plush. I ordered the smallest size for my dog and he doesn’t even take up half of it – it’s way bigger than I expected (unless I received the wrong size). I will say that the fuzzy material is extremely soft and I was impressed with this aspect of the bed. I would not, however, recommend this bed if you plan to keep it clean.

  10. Best Friends by Sheri / Sentiments Inc

    Loved the bed when we got it. My dog LOVES it. I washed it after a month or so according to the instructions (trust me I was very careful) and all the “fur” on the bed matted together. It looks terrible. I can’t fix, I’ve tried brushing it, re-washing it by hand, etc. The bottom of the bed where the dog lays gets really clumpy too.I tried to reach the company since it says the bed is GUARANTEED. Have tried over 6 times and cannot reach anyone. Customer service e-mails get sent back to me.So dissapointed. Don’t buy this.

  11. KH

    This bed was really nice and fluffy, but after less than one month I noticed a hole in the side with stuffing coming out. I have a 9 year old dog, so she doesn’t chew on things like a puppy does.. the fabric is just really thin and not durable. I am going to return it.

  12. Amazon Customer

    My chihuahua loves it! She has a couple beds to lay on through out my house and this is the bed she always chooses. Its very soft and cozy. I will most likely buy another one when the small size is available again. Great buy!

  13. M Walsh

    This bed looked really cute when it arrived. It’s cover is very soft. I ordered it as a “gift” about a month before my dog’s bday.However, my dog hated this bed. She wouldn’t sit in, though she loves all comfy spots, including other beds she has/had. Further, it seemed very cheaply made. My dog bit a hole in the bed wall on the second day she had it and proceeded to pull much of the stuffing out. It was stuffed with a basic poly-fill, making me wonder if the smell of the materials inside were part of the issue. My dog is only 35 lbs, but effectively destroyed this bed within a day. It was very disappointing that it wasn’t more durable, especially at this price point. Further, there was a very short return window of about 30-35 days, which I didn’t realize until I tried to resolve this after that time period.

    Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Fuax Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes) – Donut Cat and Dog Bed

  14. Rebecca

    I am SHOCKED by the good reviews. I ordered this bed because of the pictures that I seen and the good reviews. I was immediately disappointed when I took it out of the vacuum seal. They claimed that the bed would fluff up after 24 hours if you shake it. There is absolutely no filling or support in the middle of the bed and you cannot fluff it up because of the way that it has been sewn together. It is very thin and not supportive for my medium size dog. It is soft, but if you are going to pay for soft Get a cheaper bed. I just can’t believe how unsupportive this bed is! The pictures make it look so fluffy and cozy but it is as thin as a pancake. I have requested a refund. I wonder if these reviews are fake? There is no way they can be legit. I’ve attached pics of my husband showing no cushion! AT ALL IN CENTER

  15. Bryan Schultz

    After purchasing this expensive bed for our new puppy, we noticed the big holes where the stitching was missed. Nice and big, soft but poor quality workmanship. I would not recommend to anyone that is a friend. Not Happy.

  16. Clear Blue

    I loved this bed and so did my Dolly, the Cavachon puppy. However, the first time I washed it on delicate cold water and then ran it through the dryer on air only and the bed came out perfect. The second time, it came out a gummy mass with only the inside pillow retaining the shaggy fur. I’m very disappointed as the bed was such a favorite.

  17. Sean Smeeton

    The bed LOOKS cool and good and the FRINGE is comfy for my dog but the product overall is not worth the money — the base has hardly any padding whatsoever — cheaply made — and as a result my dog has been trying to pull a scatter rug into the room and sleep on it instead. She keeps trying to nest by scraping the side to pull up and double the pad… I tried to show regard for the Company and I wrote to them twice immediately upon delivery, asking if they would send me a second base pad that I would sew onto it, and they ignored communication — no response. And, by then, the 30-day window had passed — likely their strategy? It looks cool but I would not buy another unless they improve the design and add significantly to the base pad.


    No cushioning on the bottom , our dog isn’t thrilled

  19. M. Oum

    Pup went right in and curled up. He is about 55lbs. Its a very soft and attractive bed. Thinking of getting another for the living room.

  20. Sentiments Inc

    This is a review from a real customer – no fluff!The bed does not stay nice and shaggy looking after you wash it the long fur like strands of the bed tangle and will mis-shape the bed.The next thing – it keeps any of the worst smells so I’m constantly washing the entire bed because no zippered cover.-I knew that but did not know you have to detangle and then repair holes each time!Next is the material. Unless your pup does not like to dig in his bed even just the slightest will tear a hole. Very flimsy material.So:If you like to detangle, wash frequently (due to odors) and repair holes on a routine basis this is your product.If not – DON’T BUY THIS DOG BED!

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