Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat Double Layer

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Cat Mat Litter Folding Cat Litter Trapper Mat Honeycomb Waterproof Cat Litter Mat EVA Double-Layer Pad Bed Protect Floor

Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box
EVA material, super light, easy to carry
For really messy cats be sure to use puppy pads as they soak excessive urine
Super smooth surface, doesn’t bother cat paws like other mats
Easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, or shake off
Package included:
1 x Cat Litter Trapper Litter Mat Clean Cat Mat with Water Proof Layer






Additional information

Weight0.500 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 25 cm

Black, Gray


30x45cm, 40x50cm, 46x60cm Foldable, 55x70cm Foldable, 46x60cm

48 reviews for Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat Double Layer

  1. T

    Best invention ever! So helpful!

  2. Kelly Dennis

    It shows that you can easily pick these up and empty litter back into box. The mat is very thick and cannot really fold it to empty without litter going everywhere. I wish I would have bought larger one as it is a little small to catch all the litter.

  3. Sandy

    I am so glad that I purchased this mat. It does exactly what it claims. I think I may have solved the litter tracking problem. It catches the litter off my cats feet and contains it. Easy enough to clean, just empty the litter reservoir and wipe down. Buy it, it’s great.

  4. Alan Polk

    I first bought this mat in August and was extremely satisfied. After unpacking, it lay flat and really did trap the litter and was easily emptied. I placed another order and the product was similar but inferior. The material is now stiffer and after unpacking no longer lays flat. The holes are bigger and aren’t as effective trapping litter. The binding is wider giving less coverage. The size is smaller (see picture) and the backing that holds the litter is shorter, not covering the entire surface. No longer a happy customer and wouldn’t buy again.

  5. Orlando D.



    After dozens of other mats this one works best. It really keeps the litter in, but doesn’t show it. Really a superior mat. Just wish I had gotten the next size up

  7. Amazon Customer

    That is AMAZINGGGGGGG! My fiancé and I just moved in together so now we have three cats and this dramatically stopped the liter from getting tracked all over the hardwood floor. Love it. Highly recommend for all cat owners.

  8. Aleksey Shkuropat

    This mat does such a great job of keeping my kitty litter contained. No more walking over little pieces of litter every day!

  9. Ariela

    This litter mat saved me from daily cleanup. Prior to this, I had to sweep the litter box area every day to keep it clean. This mat captures most of the litter as the kitty steps out of the litter box.Great product.

  10. liz

    Perfect if you are crazy for cleaning

  11. janelle Labertew

    Smaller then I expected but the quality is better then the other ones I’ve purchased.

  12. Amazon Customer

    I guess it does the job, but it’s waaaay too small for our cat, it barely covers any area. Some of the litter does go in the holes, but god forbid i decide to pick up the thing and tilt it, EVERYTHING falls out on the floor, i’m not even kidding. It does hold it there, but you have to be super careful with it when you’re trying to clean it. I’m using Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal platinum. This is for kittens, full grown bigger cats. keep that in mind

  13. Marie

    I order the biggest one and it still small for my bunny. Waste of money

  14. Susan in Austin TX

    We bought this mat for the entry/exit of our Litter Robot, as one of our cats gets his jollies sprinting out after doing his business, leaving a scatter of litter. While the mat does its job, it’s way too small to work for us. If you have a dainty little kitty who always exits the litter box in one spot, maybe this mat will work for you.

  15. David Naeau

    I never had any idea how much litter was coming out of the box with the cats until we purchased this mat. Awesome product that makes clean up easy.

  16. NV

    I bought two of these mats and they are the best ones I’ve owned so far. They catch the litter so much better than any of the other mats I’ve had in the past. I would have given it 5 stars but the mats came folded up in the packaging. I had to flatten them out for a few days before use.

  17. Chelsea

    My cat is a litter kicker. Without this mat, I was vacuuming every day. Now I just dump the litter back into her box when needed.

  18. cory

    Works like a dream in trapping the litter

  19. leslie

    This product has helped reduce the amount of litter that I have to clean, and it’s super easy to clean. I totally recommend!

  20. RobertPassoff

    I didn’t want a huge mat because the litter is kept in a closet, so i just tucked quite a lot of the mat underneath the litter box. I did not have any issues with the creases as other people have mentioned, but that’s probably because I keep so much of the mat under the heavy litter box.

  21. Mom Pike

    Works great and is easy durring cleanups. Size was perfect for our xl covered litter box.

  22. Amazon Customer

    I ordered 2 of these for the litter boxes I have for my furbabies. They tend to send litter flying when the run out of the boxes and constantly sweeping up after them was exhausting. These mats work great! No more stepping on stray litter, and no more daily sweeping. I definitely recommend them!

  23. danielle

    My cat likes the mat but I havent had the chance to really clean it and see if it does what it says because I just bought it.

  24. Laura G Smith

    I was scared to waste my money on this because you never really know what you’re going to get, but I’m certainly glad I bought this. I’ve noticed a significant difference in how clean the litter box area is; I couldn’t be more pleased. I have what’s been called a litter box tree, multiple height shelves, and the litter would fly everywhere when a cat would jump from the shelf. This mat catches the litter perfectly on their way out. I bought two different sizes for different areas and plan on buying another for the last shelf. Well worth the money!

  25. Redhorses

    The best invention for cat lovers!

  26. Dirce Milchorena

    First of all, the way the mat was packed and sent to us made it not stay firm. We had to put a hard base on top of it to make it flat. And because of that the litter shoots away from the mat when my cats step on it.So the mat is basically catching litter here and there and under the mat as well.I was hoping for something more firm that sticks to the floor instead of something that is very sensitive to movement.I am still trying to find a mat that does what is advertising.

  27. Christine S.

    Too small. Litter box is bigger than the mat so it’s useless. How is this considered a large!?

  28. Nixi1986

    We like it but it would be better if you could flip it open instead of lifting and emptying it.

  29. Autumn Rodriguez

    My only complaint is that these are VERY small. Definitely need a additional matt underneath boxes!

  30. kassie

    This litter mat is okay. It does the job. A little bit stiffer than I thought it would be though. It’s more difficult to empty the litter from it than I imagined.

  31. Matthew J. Hamilton

    Litter is trapped sometimes, but picking up the mat to empty it just dumps most back on the floor.

  32. Alamins F.

    Works like advertised, very good.

  33. Mi So

    It works nice but it takes a bit to get used to having

  34. Amazon Customer

    I bought this as our cat was tracking wood pellet litter out of the box. While wood pellet litter is much better than the gravel/sand type after it gets wet it still breaks down into smaller pieces that get stuck on our cats paws. This helps scrape them off while she walks over it. The big plus with this is that you can empty the contents out of one end when it starts getting dirty. Great product.

  35. Scarlet

    This product gave me my sanity back! Sometimes my cat likes to hop and/or run out of the litter box like he’s being chased….. so imagine the mess of litter scattered everywhere. My previous mat was no match, but this one picks up 95% of the scattered litter so I don’t have to vacuum multiple times a day. I am a happy cat mom 😀

  36. A. Angelo

    The mat is as shown and described, top thin fabric layer of holes (honeycomb) and the 2nd layer is the soft mat that just feels like material covering a slice of foam. It takes some practice to open this mat to shake the litter out once you want to clean it. I recommend practice opening it BEFORE you put it down for your cat to start walking on. I assumed I would know how to open and shake this mat when necessary, so I stupidly waited until it was full of litter. There are so many holes in the top layer that the simple act of lifting this mat with the litter on it caused a good amount to slide around then spill out of the other holes, onto my carpet.

  37. Paula R K

    This mat is a little thicker than I thought it would be, but it does the job. It helps to keep the litter collected and not scattered

  38. Alicia Hopper

    Loooooove!!! Makes it so easy!!!

  39. Science Professor

    Arrived in good quality shape

  40. Amazon Customer

    We use it for the kitty litter seems to work pretty well! Other than when they jump over it! Drastically reduces the mess

  41. jose tejeda

    Love this mat. Only mat I have came across that the cats do not scratch and tear apart. Easily collects litter and easy to empty.

  42. Shannon P

    If you have a cat that likes to kick litter or even pee outside the litter box this is highly recommended. It doesnt help with tracking (though I have a long haired cat so not much will). Have had it almost a year and it’s held up great! I usually bleach it without issues with discoloration.

  43. watch lover

    Terrible packaging.

  44. roy kim

    This is perfect to keep the litter from going all over the place and it’s easy to clean. Great buy!

  45. Jairus Duyzend

    This litter mat is great. Just put it where the cats get litter on the floor and all of the litter is on the mat. Then just pick it up and squeeze the sides slightly together and pour the tracked litter back in the litter pan . It’s just that simple to use. Love it.

  46. Laura

    With 2 busy cats..Seems like … you just get finished cleaning up after them..Really helps

  47. Daniel

    Nothing worse that all that cat litter that escapes the box. This mat is a pretty clever solution to that problem. It has deep pockets that trap the litter. And it’s easy to clean up, just pour it out the end back into the box. Saves a lot of cleanup.

  48. Tayler

    I’m giving this 5 stars because I like the design and think it’s a good idea, at least in theory, and it seems like it’s great for other cats. And I can confirm it’s easy and convenient to clean and wash!My cat, on the other hand, will not stop peeing into this mat no matter what I do. I think the litter it’s trapping is making her think it’s another bathroom option. Either that, or she’s just being spiteful. Really, it’s a toss up. But I’m sick of hosing the cat pee off of this mat and will probably have to just throw it away and go back to the standard mat.

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